Did you know that bored fairies can become troublemakers? We fae folk at the Maryland Fairy Fairy understand the need for fairies to be occupied ……um….. entertained…. so we strive to bring in the best performers we can find. All types of performers are welcome to try their hand at keeping our visiting fairies delighted (and diverted): singers, dancers, story tellers, musicians, actors, stilt walkers, magicians, flow artists, puppeteers, and whoever else can serve as clever diversions! Of course, the more interactive the act, the better to keep trouble from coming!

Another group of headliners and attention-getters are those ambassadors to other races and realms. In the past, representatives have come from goblins, elves, satyrs, greenmen, magpies, orcs, mermaids, and even dinosaurs. These folk keep the fae engaged with their stories, clothing, props, gifts, and history of their kind.

Oh, but there are those who would choose another path in beating the boredom of the fairies. They attempt to rival the power of the fae with their foul fairy-catching schemes. Admittedly, they are not usually successful; with bubbles and laughter and glitter, our visiting fairies defeat these challengers and have a grand time doing so!

If you think you have the mettle to combat fairy doldrums, you can apply here by February 1, 2017. Two weeks after that date, you will receive notification about your fitness in this endeavor and will be joining us at the Festival. Good luck to you!