Activities and Events, Faerie Fun for Everyone!

Around-the-lake Nature Walk – Join Zenlizard for a walk around Loch Leff to discover the many different types of wildlife to be found. Begins and ends at the Troll Bridge, near the pony rides at 11, 2, and 4.

Craft Cove – Let the embers of the phoenix fire spark a creative fire within your soul. The young and the young-at-heart should join us in designing crafty masterpieces. Give wing to your imagination. Rise up, rise up, and paint, color, and design to your heart’s content.

Faerie Courts – Are you an Earth Spirit? Or maybe an Air, Fire, or Water Spirit? Maybe a mix of all the Elements? Come visit Mother Nature and her Elemental Courts and find out. Receive special gifts to proclaim your special spiritual self!

Fabulous Faerie Fashion Frenzy – The Unseelie Court will bring a touch of disorder to the Bat Barn as they present this fashion show for kids of all ages at 3:00. It’s the Unseelies, so don’t expect order or a lot of seriousness; just fun and a few prizes. You never know who will show up. Even some of the vendors show off their finery. To sign up and join in, get your entry form at the front gate.

Faerie Games in the Field – Play Faerie Mushroom Checkers and more.

Faerie Houses – Come create a wee faerie house along Faerie House Way, to honor our Faerie friends. Use our natural materials, twigs, leaves, and other small bits to make unique houses for the Faerie Folk.

Faerie Sew What Workshop – Unseelie Queen will start both days with a costume making workshop. We will have donated fabric, trims, and other shiny items, that the children can pick from and then we will sew it up using their creative inspiration. On Tinkers Porch 10:00 to noon.

Glamour Glen – Feathers, and ribbons, and beads, oh my! Visit the Glamour Glen and adorn yourself in the most awesome way! Soar high and proud. Show off your brilliant plumage; you can never be too glittery.

Greenman March – Where will you be on Saturday when The Beneficent Order of the Greenman emerges from the woods to bless the festival?

The Goblin Embassy – As part of the Seelie Court ordered community service, the goblins have set up an embassy to provide outreach and sanctuary for any who love Hobs & Gobs! Special events throughout the weekend! Come for you complimentary goblin makeover! Learn the song of the color of our people! Visit the First National Goblonian Museum & Oddities Petting Zoo. Baby Goblins!!

Labyrinth – Follow the trail to the Hidden Labyrinth. Walk in peace and harmony. Look within, to reveal the mysteries of more than what your eyes can see. It’s a loooong way to the labyrinth.

Mermaid Lagoon – Hanging out by the pool…. Are real mermaids. Need we say more? Watch out for Pyrates though, and other less savory seafaring creatures.

Parade and Maypole with the Seelie Court– Parade from the Bat Barn at High Noon and travel to the Maypole.

The Royal Quest – You are invited by the Queen and King of the Unseelie Court to go on a great quest. In your travels, you will meet Faeries, Shopkeepers, and more. Throughout the festival, the Lost Boys and Girls have hidden nine puzzle pieces. Search for the two flags of the faerie courts. Tell the shopkeeper you are on a Royal Quest to collect your piece of the puzzle. Once you have all nine pieces, journey to the Unseelie Court. They will then give you a prize.

Visit our Unicorn – Sweet Stardust, the Red Unicorn and her Yellow Faerie. The Red Unicorn is the daughter of the famous unicorn, Sweetie.

Wishing Trees – Visit the Wishing Trees to share your wishes with the Faeries. To make the connection, color and write wishes on strips of cloth. Your wishes, tied to the trees, are carried to the Faeries.