Things to Bring for Camping at the Maryland Faerie Festival

The Maryland Faerie Festival is held at Camp Ramblewood in Darlington Maryland. Cabin Accommodation consist of co-ed bunk-house style room, one single bed per person, with flush toilets, indoor showers and electricity. Most cabins will accommodate between 10 – 13 people. Bathrooms are also co-ed with individual toilet and shower stalls. People choosing to tent will need to bring their own tent, they are not provided. Attendees staying in tents will share bathroom facilities with the cabin in the tenting area.

To get the most out or your camping experience you will need to bring the following:

•Tent (if you are tenting)
•Bedding (sleeping bag or sheets & blankets)
•Bug Spray

Optional Items to bring:

•Decorative Items – string lights, light weight tapestries or sheer drapes, flags, throw pillows, lamps or flameless candles are some of the things folks have brought to decorate their camp.
•Air Mattress, if you are in a tent.
•Power cords and battery chargers.
•Extension cords.
•Fan and/or small space heater, depending on the weather.
•Snacks, or for those not on the meal plan, food and cooking equipment. If you are not on the meal plan please don’t use any camp stoves or grills between the hours of 10:00 am – 6:00 pm for food preparation.

It is important to remember to secure your personal belongings.

lodging mapThis map shows the location of cabin and tent camping areas. The layout of the vendors and entertainment areas may change.

Camping Rules

The Maryland Faerie Festival is a family friendly open-to-the-public event. As such the festival strives to provide a safe space for people of all ages and backgrounds. With this view in mind please abide by the following rules.

  • No Smoking in cabins.
  • No open flames in cabins.
  • Unless otherwise designated, cabins are co-ed and bathrooms are co-ed. Please be respectful of your cabin mates comfort levels with nudity.
  • People staying in tents will be using the bathroom and shower facilities in the cabins. People staying in tents will designate the cabin they will use by tacking their tent tag on the corkboard of the cabin. (Tenters may not use the facilities of a cabin reserved for a specific group or gender.)
  • Please do not use grills or firepits during the festival’s daytime hours (10 am to 6 pm)
  • Access to the camping area by car is prohibited during festival hours. Plan on unloading or packing up before 9:30 or after 6:30.
  • Camp Ramblewood is private property and you choice of food or drink for your own enjoyment rests with your best judgement. Our rule is that no alcohol will be served, no drunkenness will be tolerated.
  • Clothing is required outside of tents and cabins; costumes are encouraged.
  • Many campers need to get up early, therefore no loud noise after midnight.
  • All animal acts or demonstrations are off limits after festival hours unless the animal’s owner has authorized the activity.
  • Campers are responsible for cleaning their camping area. This includes cleaning sinks, showers, sweeping the area around your bed and removing all trash from cabins or campsites. All cabins have small trash cans indoors with larger trash cans near the cabin porch.
  • Maryland Faerie Festival is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please keep your valuables secured.
  • Swimming is not open to the public during show hours. Swimming is only permitted in the pool when a lifeguard is present. (Mermaids!) After 6 to 11pm Friday and Saturday nights only. No other bodies of water on property may be used for swimming.


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