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Aubergine Faeries Aubergine Faeries are more than a dance company, they are a music and dance adventure. Combining historical dance with that of magical realms, taking the audience on interactive journeys of love, monsters, shrubbery, music, excitement, and awe the Aubergine Faeries captivate the hearts and souls of everyone within their magical sphere.

Brinjal Bellydance Band Brinjal plays pulsing and lyrical songs from Nations real and imagined, with a large dose of the exotic rhythms and enchanting melodies of the Middle East. We create our own songs, sometimes improvised on the spot, and are often accompanied by the beautiful dancers of Aubergine.

Crazy balloon sculpting weirdos of the planet mirth Magic shows, strolling entertainment, and balloon animals by a variety of costumed characters with a variety of antics in their variety show. Variety variety variety…

David Darwin – One Man Sideshow From death-defying stunts to clean comedy and juggling, David Darwin does it all.  He is the juggling-unicyclist who can astound you with song, skill and captivating surprises.  He is no stranger to the bizarre, and brings you an unparalleled mastery of sword swallowing, bed of nails, and fire manipulation.

Dusty the Unicorn She is the daughter of Sweetie the Unicorn. With a shiny red coat, golden hooves, sparkly mane and tail, plus a long golden horn, Dusty the Red Unicorn is quite a sight to behold. Dusty lives in Harwood, MD with her friend Pixie the little faerie goat who sometimes accompanies Dusty on her travels.

Eyeclopes/Everybody Drum “Ken Crampton- Artist, Facilitator, Event Designer and Owner has over 25 years experience as a Community Arts Facilitator Schools (pre through college), Libraries, Banks, Festivals, Church Retreats, Adult Care Facilities, and Corporations have all included Everybody Drum into their events as workshops, icebreakers or keynote presentations.  Working with the various communities, we design successful programs that are fun, enlightening and exciting!

Gandersnitch the Goblin Gandersnitch the Goblin is back once more with poems, memoirs, mischief, and Goblin Tea!

Gretchen McMahon and the Bards Of Stagg “Award winning Bard Gretchen McMahon  blends equal parts Celtic Women vocals with Carlos Santana string prowess on guitar and mandolin, in a Celtic/Gypsy/Jazz style with lyrics both sassy and achingly beautiful. Come experience her  five hundred years of music in five minutes, rooted in folk, world, jazz and Celtic sounds. Gretchen McMahon also performs as The Bard of Stagg.

Jasif the Snake~Sword Master and The Real Live Snake~Sword Show The Snake~Swords are an ancient Elven art of fighting without fighting. Blades so hypnotic and mesmerizing as to vanquish a foe with their mere sight and display. Surely something that many may have never seen before!

Joffrey the Giant “Joffrey the Giant: Shake hands with a Giant and have your picture taken with one of the “”higher ups”” of the Faerie Realm.  When armed with a magic balloon pouch, he can make you a sculpture, a hat, or even fairy wings out of thin air! He’s hard to miss, just keep your chin up…

Kerridwyn’s Faerie Yoga and Dance A unique blending of dance, yoga, creative movement, Celtic Shamanism, the knowledge of Nature Spirits and the wisdom that exists all around us in nature. Karen’s classes, sharing “Hatha Yoga,” to feel the connection of body and mind; “Chakra Adventure,” to feel the connection to the energies that create you; and “Universal Rhythms,” to feel the connection to the universe, will awaken our body’s wisdom to be more creative, joyful, playful, and connected to the universal rhythms.

KIVA For 28 years, KIVA has been enthralling audiences with their percussive, acoustic, worldbeat ensemble that celebrates the magic of nature and ancient bardic traditions with music that opens the heart and heals the spirit. KIVA blends strong vocal harmonies with rich & diverse acoustic and electric instrumentation, performing originals, traditionals, and covers.

Liz DeJesus Liz DeJesus was born on the tiny island of Puerto Rico.  She is a novelist, freelance writer, writing coach and a poet. She has been writing for as long as she was capable of holding a pen. She is the author of The Jackets, The Frost Series, Morgan, The Laurel, Girl, and Mugshots. Learn more about Liz and her work at

Maugorn The Stray Maugorn The Stray is a wandering minstrel. He draws his vast repertoire from his journeys to many lands and his memories of a thousand lifetimes, real and imagined.

Professor Greenman and Kwiplick Professor Greenman is an ancient wizard given to punning, and is ably assisted by his Hobgoblin compatriot, Kwiplick. He gladly expounds on the faerie Ream, answering any and all questions asked.

Roadman Wondrous sounds of fingerstyle guitar, brought to you by the wonderful wizard Waz. Songs of the road and people that he has met in his journey. Every day is different and so are his shows so be sure not to miss it.

ShorestoFlames “Shipwrecked right in “”Maryland””, and entertaining with a purpose. Our art is something that makes us. Pirates mermaids and fire benders. We’re a diverse troupe where all are welcome. Our mission is to portray positive body image for children and be magic for those who need an escape. Come let us share our magic with you.”

Spark the Fairy A fire and nature fairy who travels the country spreading joy, love and wonder. Enchanting patrons with her Dragon’s Egg drum, Spark and her music have delighted many a person as they are drawn in and welcomed to sit awhile, try her drum, or ask her any question they can think of about the Fairy realm. Spark brings with her wonderful trinkets from the Fairy realm to be shared with any and all who stop by for a visit!

Sidhe na Daire Under the name Sidhe na Daire, Danielle Ackley-McPhail has been a storyteller for nearly a decade, specializing in classic faerie tales and original faerie fiction. She is also the author of six novels, three short story collections, and is the senior editor of the award-winning Bad-Ass Faeries anthologies.

Sweet Maple Singers Sweet Maple Singers is a musical endeavor by Jasper Mae Corcoran and Robbie Mann (a.k.a. “Dr. Fiddle”), who use their uniquely combined skills of harp pickin’ and fiddle playing to share the music they love. With a repertoire ranging from Traditional and Folk music to more progressive feel-good songs, this loving and energetic duo is guaranteed to tickle your heart strings and leave you wanting more.

The Allegheny Ramblers Travis, Ryan, Leon (Burt), and Robbie (Dr. Fiddle), who are true wanderers of the West Virginia hills are the Allegheny Ramblers. For years these boys have woven in and out of the Allegheny Mountains to share their love of feel good music and get you dancin’.

The Pixie Puppetry Traveling Theater Using handmade silk and wool puppets and marionettes on a stage with simple wooden props, silks, and other lovely elements, The Pixie Puppet Tree Traveling Theater creates magic and wonder on the puppetry stage. We bring fairytales, folktales, and our own original stories to life with music and beauty.

The Sasanach He is a wanderer through foreign lands, otherworldly lands, perhaps even time itself. In his travels he has learned the music of the Fae and has harnessed the power of steam, wood, and brass to create a unique sound that’s like listening through a portal in time.

Thrir Venstri Fœtr Three Left feet explores Medieval and Renaissance music and dance, concentrating primarily on English Country Dance.  Thrir Venstri Fœtr is Old Norse for “Three Left Feet”.  We are based in the Washington, DC area, but perform in the Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania area.  We encourage people to join us wherever we perform, or as permanent members or our group.

Tower Green Tower Green plays traditional and original songs on a variety of modern and period instruments, including recorder, harpsichord and hurdy gurdy. Our music and lyrics span a remarkable diversity of worlds, from ancient Rome to medieval Europe to those magical realms inhabited by dark elves and fey folk. The band has appeared in numerous venues in the U.S. mid-Atlantic region, including the Maryland Faerie Festival, the Greenbelt Green Man Festival, and the World Folk Music Association Showcase.

Troupe ‘Hip’notic A bellydance troupe known for charismatic, creative, and emotive performances, Troupe ‘Hip’notic has been performing their eclectic belly dance fusion throughout the US since 2004. They love to tell a story through characters, emotivity, and movement, and especially, to evoke specific, strong emotions from their audiences. They aim to envelope you in the world of their piece, and to lead you on a journey through their stories…with a pinch of mischief!

Wedji Tucheeks & Goblin Embassy “Wedji Tucheeks is MOST FEARED Goblin of all the ORCISH HOARD! But Wedji has a secret…  Ugly fae need love too! She may be green and ugly, but she won’t stop till you love her! Kids and adults alike enjoy the antics of the world’s only Trans-Fae Goblin! With her best friend, Azog she left Goblinton to find out where she belonged. When she saw faeries, she knew she was home. She knew inside, that she was just like them.”