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Aubergine Faeries Aubergine Faeries are more than a dance company, they are a dance experience. The Aubergine Faeries combine historical dance with that of magical realms, taking the audience on interactive journeys of love, monsters, shrubbery, danger, excitement, and awe. Meticulous costuming helps create and maintain their otherworldly scenes. Aubergine Faeries captivate the hearts and souls of everyone within their magical sphere.

Beale Street PuppetsThis year marks Beale Street Puppets’ 30th Anniversary of performing for kids of all ages!

Black Tie and Pearls We are an eclectic group of theater and music friends with a great interest in period music. We are performing primarily English Madrigals from the Renaissance era. The 3, 4, and 5 part harmonies make the songs sing from haunting to uplifting. We use rhythm instruments and flute to engage the crowd while focusing on our voice as the primary feature.

Brinjal Bellydance Band Faerie Band Brinjal plays pulsing and lyrical songs from Nations real and imagined, with a large dose of the exotic rhythms and enchanting melodies of the Middle East. We create our own songs, sometimes improvised on the spot, and are often accompanied by the beautiful dancers of Aubergine.

Dusty the Red Unicorn and Bubbles, her yellow faerie Long ago, Sweetie the Unicorn had a little red babycorn named Sweet Stardust. Now, a full-grown copper-corn, Dusty the Red Unicorn has a long golden horn, 4 golden hooves, and copper-gold sparkly mane and tail. Dusty secretly hides in the Harwoods of Maryland with her little friend Pixie the Winged Goat, but sometimes Dusty comes out for birthday parties and between festivals, Like her mother, Dusty loves the taste of Nature Valley Oats-n-Honey granola bars.

Gandersnitch the Goblin Gandersnitch the Goblin (and sidekick) once again bring the Goblonian Postal Service and a brand new, all ages, interactive comedy show, The Traveling Goblin Wiz’erd School, to the Maryland Faerie Festival! No more tea and fripperies, this is for all those who never got their letter to Hogwarts and deserve a fancy certificate on their wall!

Illya interactive circus and Ignes Proles fire tribe Illya is excited to share rollicking energy at Maryland Faerie Festival. Join her at the Enchanted Circus for hands-on experience. Dance, Juggle, Tumble, Spin, and Cavort with this fiery faerie as Illya comes to play with YOU!” “Get in on the Fun with Illya for some Participation Circus Play!”

Jasif Jabobski and The Real, Live Snake~Sword Show A comedic juggling act with a surprise twist!

Joffrey the Giant Look a Giant in the eye, give him a high five and have your picture taken with one of the “higher ups” of the Faerie Realm. Joffrey delights and amuses all day as he strolls the grounds of the fair. When armed with a magic balloon pouch, he can make you a sculpture, a hat, or even fairy wings out of thin air!

Ken Crampton/Everybody Drum Ken Crampton- Artist, Facilitator, Event Designer and Owner has over 25 years experience as a Community Arts Facilitator Schools (pre through college), Libraries, Banks, Festivals, Church Retreats, Adult Care Facilities, and Corporations have all included Everybody Drum into their events as workshops, icebreakers or keynote presentations.  Working with the various communities, we design successful programs that are fun, enlightening and exciting!

KIVA For 28 years and counting, KIVA has been entertaining and enthralling audiences with their percussive, acoustic, worldbeat ensemble that celebrates the magic of nature and ancient bardic traditions with music that opens the heart and heals the spirit. The band blends strong vocal harmonies with rich and diverse acoustic and electric instrumentation, performing originals, traditionals, and covers.

Liz DeJesus Liz DeJesus was born on the tiny island of Puerto Rico. She is a novelist, freelance writer, writing coach and a poet. She has been writing for as long as she was capable of holding a pen. She is the author of The Jackets, The Frost Series, Morgan, The Laurel, Girl, & Mugshots. For more information please visit

Maugorn The Stray Maugorn The Stray is a wandering minstrel who has collected a repertoire that spans many ages, lifetimes, and places.
He performs these songs an arsenal of instruments, sometimes several at once.
He might even know your favourite song!

Piper Jones Band Piper Jones Band is centered around beautifully and energetically played Highland bagpipes and Scottish smallpipes accompanied by the percussive chords of the bouzouki and drum. In addition to original instrumentals and traditional tunes from Ireland, Scotland, and Appalachia, the group sings powerful harmonies and can lead the audience in traditional Celtic dances. They bring authentic traditional music in an entertaining form.

Professor Greenman and Kwiplick Professor Greenman is both a Wizard Storyteller and an Educator, assisted by his puppet friend Kwiplick, the Mythmusica Hobgoblin! He specializes in folk tales about the fairies, goblins, and other Fae creatures, as well as history, and can answer questions about the faeries.

Spark the Fairy Spark is a fire and nature fairy who has taken it upon herself to rekindle joy and wonder throughout the human realm. If you should see her about, have a listen to her Dragon’s Egg Drum, dance with her in the woods, or ask her a question about fairy land and nature as she puts strands of magical fairy hair in your hair!…she is happy to share her time with you!

Sueva the Fae Fiddler Sueva the Fae Fiddler has a deep connection with elementals, and has been known to attract birds, faeries, and children with her playing. With spritely jigs and reels she charms all manner of wee folk, and delights in doing so (she’s quite wee herself). It’s only a matter of time before the little ones are dancing!

Sweet Maple Singers Sweet Maple Singers is a string band based in central Pennsylvania with a love for sharing music, smiles, and joy by weaving tales and uplifting messages in harmonious form. Our repertoire ranges from ballads and old-time tunes hundreds of years old to our own unique renditions of songs from more recent decades, and we have yet to find an audience too young or old to enjoy dancing and singing along.

The Allegheny Ramblers The Allegheny Ramblers are exactly what you’d imagine a few wandering hillbillies just lookin’ to play some tunes. Four years and counting, these guys have roamed throughout West Virginia and far across its borders to share the styles and content of music rooted in the heart of Appalachia. These guys always keep a jug full of Traditional tunes with them along with a handful of their own original material, and prefer to keep things simple by avoiding the hub-bub of fancy effects pedals.

The Circus Siren Pod Let us make you believe in mermaids. The Circus Siren Pod is a group of award winning mermaid performers from throughout the mid-Atlantic. These maidens of the deep bring the magic of the ocean wherever they appear. Private parties, massive aquariums, fundraisers, boat shows, casinos, grand openings, fairs and even Caribbean Resorts: they’ve been there and swam that. But every year they return home to visit their faerie friends and remind the world of mortals that magic isn’t confined to land.

The Sasanach The Sasanach is a wanderer through foreign lands, otherworldly realms, perhaps even time itself. In his travels he has learned the music of the Fae and has harnessed the power of wood, brass, and steam to create a unique fiddle sound that’s like listening to a portal in time.

Thistledown Thistledown is a new band specializing in celtic and folk music. Its members, Guenevere Spilsbury, Diana Dzikiewicz, and Alex Edwards, mix together vocals and harp, guitar and drums, pennywhistles and ukeleles to transport their audience to a land of of fairytales and Arthurian legends. From long ballads to short airs, from plaintive laments to toe tapping tunes, they love to entertain and delight audiences of all ages.

Thrir Venstri Fœtr Thrir Venstri Fœtr is a dance group and band organized to recreate and explore Medieval Music and Renaissance Music and Dance, primarily English Country Dance. We are based in the Washington, DC area and have performed at many different festivals and “living history” demonstrations and at schools. We teach simple dances in many of our performances, and more complex dances at our rehearsals.

Tower Green Tower Green plays traditional and original songs on modern and period instruments, including recorder, harpsichord and hurdy gurdy. Genre-bending, our music spans a remarkable diversity of worlds, from ancient Rome to medieval Europe to magical realms inhabited by dark elves and fey folk. Tower Green has appeared at the Virginia Renaissance Faire, the Maryland Faerie Festival, the Greenbelt Green Man Festival, the Spoutwood May Day Festival, the New Deal Cafe, and the World Folk Music Showcase.

Troupe ‘Hip’notic Known for their charismatic, creative, and emotive performances, Troupe ‘Hip’notic has been performing their eclectic belly dance fusion throughout the US since 2004. They love to tell a story through characters, costuming, and dance, and especially, to evoke specific, strong emotions from their audiences. They aim to envelope you in the world of their piece and to lead you on a journey through their stories.

Wanderlight Wanderlight bridges ethereal and immediate sounds, writing indie-folk songs of sorrow and joy composed of Mell Picco’s ethereal vocals and cello, Brennan Kuhn’s twinkly guitar licks, Bryan Geiger’s steady bass, and Jesse Florida’s trunk kit percussion. The group ranges from a duo to a quartet and performs original songs inspired by heartache, secret gardens, beautiful conversations with strangers, the light they find in every darkness, and the historical town of Ellicott City they call home.

Wedji Tucheeks and the Goblin Embassy Visit the Wedji Tucheeks at the Goblin Embassy! As part of the Seelie Court ordered community service, the goblins have set up an embassy to provide outreach and sanctuary for any who love Hobs & Gobs! Come for you complimentary goblin makeover! Learn the song of the color of our people! Visit the First National Goblonian Museum & Oddities Petting Zoo. Games & Prizes! And much more!