The Maryland Faerie Festival is pleased to offer opportunities for other nonprofits, environmental, and educational groups! Our Outreach Participants partner with us to support and promote the work of keeping the magical world clean, beautiful, and educated. And by “Magical”, we mean all of it, Earth.
As a fellow non-profit organization, the Maryland Faerie Festival knows how valuable community outreach can be. The Faeries provide free booth space at the Maryland Faerie Festival. We also have performance, lecture and workshop opportunities.
We are pleased to leverage the large audiences that we attract and the publicity that we generate, to support our fellow non-profit organizations to distribute information, recruit new clients/members, provide simple services and sell merchandise related to their service or the Fay.
We would also be delighted if you would like to teach a workshop, present a lecture or lead a discussion about some aspect of what you do. Consider a performance as part of your weekend with the faeries. Your organization may present on one of our stage areas, have a booth, or both!
 If you would like to partner with us to support and promote the work of keeping the magical world clean, beautiful, and educated please submit an Outreach Application.

Our 2016 Outreach ParticipantsMaryland Defenders

Around-the-lake Nature Walk With Zenlizard – Join Zenlizard for a walk around Loch Leff to discover the many different types of wildlife to be found. Begins and ends at the Troll Bridge, near the pony rides at 11, 2, and 4.

Can Do With Lyme – Can Do With Lyme will educate nymphs, sprites, ogres and faeries on the importance to protect themselves from Lyme disease. Come play The Duck Game and learn about ticks and deer carrying this bacteria. Christina Murphy will teach about safety and preventing Lyme disease.

Creations by Emily – Emily is autistic and working on being a productive member of society. She has jewelry, flower fairies, fairy wings and other crafts.

Girl Scout Travel Group – Girl Scouts and Gnomes love nature. Join us as we learn about bugs, flowers, and trees!

Kerridwyn’s Fairy Yoga and Dance– Kerridwyn’s Fairy Yoga and Dance mission is to bring awareness of what Yoga is. Yoga which means “union” is an ancient belief system that demonstrates that we are connected to all things.

Maryland DefendersThe Maryland Defenders are an alliance of “real life superheroes” working to educate humans on the proper care of animals. We are a rescue organization that works mainly with feral cat populations to keep them healthy and safe.

May Day Fairie Festival at Spoutwood Farm – Once upon a time, two realms existed side by side…Celebrate Spring and the joining of two worlds with the fairies at the May Day Fairie Festival at Spoutwood Farm!

Whispering Rise Farm & Animal Sanctuary – Whispering Rise is a private, nonprofit potbelly pig sanctuary in Baltimore County, Maryland.