2017 Vendor Application

Maryland Faerie Festival Vendor Application

2016 Vendors

A Touch of Glass…and then some
Here at “A Touch of Glass…and then some” you’ll find gods and goddesses, faeries, green folk, dragons, gargoyles, unicorns and runes, to name a few, handcrafted in stained glass and fused glass. Custom work and new ideas are always welcome. Add to the mix flax seed filled Aromatherapy Bags suitable for microwave or freezer for soothing relief of some of life’s common annoyances. But that’s not all! We also have an array of hand batiked flags, banners and altar cloths, a few of which are our own custom designs. And if that’s not enough, check out our collection of handcrafted metal pin-back buttons.

Ben Anderson

Ben Anderson is the author of The McGunnegal Chronicles, an Irish Fantasy series appropriate for all ages of readers.

Big Horn Trade co.
Started in 1983 as a supplier for historical reenactors, we specialize in unique items for all types of fantasy play.

Bugs of Baltimore
Fantasy bug pins by Rick Shelley. Pin to a drape or a lampshade. Hang in a window. Wear to the beach or the opera.

Chimaera Face & Body Art
Chimaera Face & Body Art provides hand-drawn, high quality face painting and all-natural semi-permanent henna and jagua tattoos. With over a decade of experience, Angela Beall brings her love and passion for body art wherever she goes, infusing a little magic into each design.

Elegant EarCuffs by Fiona
Beautiful ear jewelry for faeries of all ages. Made from Sterling Silver, 14K Gold Filled and Polished Copper, adorned with semi-precious stones, sparkling Swarovski crystals and American Artisan-made beads. No pierced ears needed and they’re completely comfortable to wear.

Elven Creations
Every item in Elven Creations shop is hand made by faeries for faeries. We have wings of every size, color, and design that will fit any faerie big or small. But you don’t have to stop there, we also sell jewelry, hair clips, flower crowns, tutus, fairy wands, stones, dragon accessories for a faeries friend, and much more!

Enchanted Loft
Fairies and magic abound in a showcase of Traditional Art, Fantasy American Crafts and unique one of a kind Designer Jewelry.

Enchanting Herbals
Natural soaps and body care products, herbal teas, smudging supplies.

Fabularia/Thumbprint Studios
Fabularia, a favorite on the Fae scene for over 20 years, has written the one and only The Official Faerie Cookbook for all the Fae to enjoy! ThumbPrint Studios is an artists collective located in Hanover, PA.

As a Faerie Harpist, Fabularia draws on her Irish ancestry to provide a mix of traditional, Celtic, and Renaissance harp music, sure to please the Fae.

Fairie Houses For Wee Folk
Fairie Houses For Wee Folk,made from natural materials,recycled items and vintage finds, Fairy doors and coloring books.

Fairy Circle
Fairy Circle brings you 100% Silk Sparkling Fairy Hair tied in with fun and magic by Spark the Fairy! Spark believes in the magic, wonder, and sparkle of the world around us, and loves to share that with everyone who desires! Stay sparkly long after a weekend of fairy fun with sparkling fairy hair!

Fantasy and Fairy Art by Linda Biggs
Fantasy, Fairies, Dragons, Mermaids, Whimsical Creatures and her Famous “Little Fairie Freaks” Watercolor Rainbow Images of her life, transposed to Fairie, and Black and White Images of the reality of the human experience.

Fantasy Art by Puppetina
Fantasy-themed hand puppets, watercolors, polymer clay figurines, trinket boxes, for children. All handmade. Family-friendly prices.

Foxfire Crystals
Beautiful Crystals for Healing as well as hand made, natural gemstone and crystal jewelry. These are power pieces, specifically for use in healing. Crystals, Gemstone, Healing Crystal Jewelry, Skulls & Carvings, Pendants, Ankle Bracelets, Children’s Healing Crystal Jewelry, Specimens, Wire-Wrapped Jewelry as well as Gemstone Trees, Tree Jewelry and more

God Scent Herbs
God scent herbs specializes in medicinal and culinary herbs and teas grown locally at our Pylesville nursery. We also sell handmade cosmetics and use our own herbs! Crafting items usually based on the festivals theme are also seen at our stand! For many years we have attended the Native Pow Wows such as Muddy Run and Indian Steps and we also do the Bel Air and Towson farmers markets.

Gypsy Joys / Just Jessa
Fun and fanciful clothing and corsetry. We have clothing for all sizes and we specialize in fluffy faerie (plus) sizes. We also carry hand thrown pottery by Hughes pottery (Charles and Rowan Hughes).

HammerSol Jewelry
HammerSol Jewelry is a husband and wife team of metalsmiths. We each have over 12 years of experience working with precious metals. Our original Norse and fantasy inspired jewelry is created through the techniques of lost wax casting, chasing and repousse, silver fabrication and cloisonne enameling.

Hidden Medicine Healing Arts Studio
Kileigh is a Shamanic practitioner and sound healing therapist concentrating mostly on balancing the chakra centers. I hand make many items full of life light and fairy love. Handmade tarot bags many animal themed with embroidered spirit animals and magical fairy friends. I make hand rolled incense from scratch by crushing all natural herbs resins and gums into a dough and hand rolling them onto a raw bamboo stick.  Check out my magical fairy spray that will send you floating into the fairy realm or Try some of my Rainbow vibration aura bath spray. Crystals, smudge, love vibration and lots of magical fairy love is what you will find at my table.

Honey Cat Jewelry
Handmade, iridescent, and holographic glass gem jewelry. Featuring new age, Victorian, and psychedelic themes.

hope shakya
I travel to Asia, having clothes custom made in Nepal, Bali, Thailand..
I work with the tailors,designing creative fashions for men and women..all is Fair trade…”

House of Musical Traditions
The House of Musical Traditions has been selling musical instruments from around the world for over 40 years.  Though our brick and mortar store is in Takoma Park, we have a strong booth presence at local folk and music festivals and The Maryland Renaissance Fair.  We carry musical instruments from many traditions, including harps, dulcimers, meditation bowls (and bells), belly dancing scarves and ankle bells, ocarinas, tongue drums, and much more!

Ishta Arts
Ishta Arts specializes in unique adornments and other objects of art. Our handmade jewelry is our highlight with clothing, masks, and other wonderful surprises as we find or create them!

Kerridwens Fairy Yoga and Dance
Kerridwyn’s Fairy Yoga and Dance mission is to bring awareness of what Yoga is. Yoga which means “union” is an ancient belief system that demonstrates that we are connected to all things.

Lithia’s Creations
Specializing in altered vintage tea cups and chinaware, handmade broken china jewelry, as well as leather flasks, pouches and accessories for Steampunk, Renaissance and Fantasy enthusiasts!

Luna’s Lullaby
Luna’s Lullaby is a combination of three very eclectic and eccentric minds. We each have something special to offer for all kinds of personalities and styles.

Messages from Earth Mother
Gaia Communicator and multi-award-winning author, Mare Cromwell. Titles include: “The Great Mother Bible” and “Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother”.

May Day Fairie Fairie Festival at Spoutwood Farm
The May Day Fairie Festival is a music and arts festival currently held annually in Glen Rock, Pennsylvania since 1991. The festival’s primary theme is to “celebrate the beginning of spring and all of the faerie and nature spirits’ return to the warm world

Midnight Daydreams
Midnightdaydreams specializes in whimsical, unique and creative polymer clay artwork. Each piece is individually handcrafted. We don’t use molds or patterns, we use a variety of techniques and the ideas are our own.

Moss Wings Emporium
This little shop is our way of bringing the magic of nature to you. From fairy wands, to essential oils, and gemstone trees, to woodland stationary. Your imagination is our inspiration. We sell magic!

Mythical Masks by Miscellaneous Oddiments LLC
Masks by Mythical Designs. Sculpted leather masks and costume accessories. Fantasy art and illustrations. Hand thrown pottery. “Miscellaneous Oddiments” from our studio and imaginations!

Nue organic body jewelry
Organic handmade jewelry from thailand and bali. Handmade indigenous art from around the world and original art. Buddhist malas and art.

Odyssey Craftworks, LLC
Old world attention to detail and quality craftsmanship combined with state of the art tools allows us to create jewelry designs you’ll be proud to wear for decades. Gold, silver, bronze, and pewter, we offer unique pendants and accessories for every pocket book. We also create our own collection of fragrance oils and provide fabulous gemstone bottles to keep them in. If you want unique, original, or Custom designs, we are the place to find it.

One:Eleven Pottery
At One:Eleven Pottery I aspire to bring you one-of-a-kind functional and sculptural ceramic artwork. One:Eleven Pottery is an amalgam of the everyday functional object meeting the fantastic and transcendent. Using a variety of techniques and creative solutions, the ultimate goal is to bring forth the best custom and imaginative handmade ceramics.

Pendragon Chainmail
Pendragon coils and cuts all his own links and custom makes each outfit piece to the customer for a perfect fit. All of his work is guaranteed for life! Just a few of the things he makes are: Tops, skirts, medieval armor, belts, and pouches.

Photography by Rick Dove
Explore the “Awe and Wonder” found in nature as you browse the photographs and photo coaster tiles.

Sidhe na Daire
Author, editor, and publisher Danielle Ackley-McPhail sells original faerie and genre fiction, as well as custom costumes horns under the moniker of The Hornie Lady

Soolah Hoops
Soolah creates hand-crafted custom hoolah hoops for adults and children. Hoops can be ordered in different sizes to fit your needs. Each hoop is cut, hand fastened, and decorated with love! Soolah hand crafts and paints her own faerie wings and has her own paintings in print version. Soolah creates faerie jewelry and tiaras to add to the faerie glamour you are trying to create!

TaraFly Art
Tara Fly sees “cat people”, and she paints portraits of cats dressed in costumes inspired by fantasy, literature, and history.

The Art of Jennifer Davies-Reazor
Inspired by myth,nature and folklore Jenny creates one of a kind mixed media pieces. Her work ranges from shrines and decorative ceramic tiles to jewelry. Her “Mythic Nature” line of ceramic tiles and pendants explores mythic symbolism in hand painted clay.

The Crystal Fox
The Crystal Fox prides themselves on their ability to get you those items that you just can’t find anywhere else. If they don’t have it in stock, chances are they know how to get it or will put you in touch with someone who can

Third Eye Supply
Third Eye Supply works with small, family based producers of Tibetan Mediation Singing Bowls, ritual percussion instruments, spiritual-based jewelry such as malas, wrist malas, bracelets, and pendants, Tibetan prayer flags, and a line of well-made, quality bags and purses that are embroidered with spiritual symbols. Our goal here is to offer a nice selection of holistic products that will help people be more aware of the spiritual side of our nature.

It’s a hard world we live in, sometimes we all need a chance to escape, even if it’s only into a daydream or fantasy.  Where do you look to find magic in this world?    Faerie inspired art dolls, potion bottles, miniature paintings and other art forms may all be found here at ToadstoolsNTreestump.  Wander around my shop and and you may be inspired to find a seat on a treestump, with the hope that you might find yourself in the midst of a faery ring.

Über Kio
Welcome to a land of your imagination. If you can dream it, we can (almost certainly) make it come to life, whether its a Cosplay, Festival, or just for Faerie Fun. Custom orders are our specialty. And if you just want to join the awesomeness but have no idea where to get started, check out the shop on Etsy for inspiration and examples.

Unexpected SparkLiz DeJesus & Kay Corbett
Unexpected Spark is the combined studio of author Liz DeJesus and artist Kay Corbett. Liz DeJesus is a novelist, freelance writer, writing coach and a poet. She is the author of the novels Nina, The Jackets, First Frost, Glass Frost, Shattered Frost, and Morgan. Her work has also appeared in Night Gypsy: Journey Into Darkness, Twice Upon a Time, and Someone Wicked. Her articles have been featured in Southern Writers Magazine.

Kay Corbett is a graduate of the Delaware College of Art & Design (DCAD) class of 2005 with an Associates Degree in Illustration. She is an up & coming artist in the tri-state area. She is well known for her fairy and mermaid portraits. While typically working on private commission work, she has begun to branch out into book and comic related work

Vele Cruce
Hand crafted treasures from our family business.

We are Artisans & Purveyors of unique high-quality essentials for working magic; clothing, jewelry,magic wands and accessories. We are specialists to the Intermediate &
Advanced Magical & Ritual Practitioners. Specifically we make hand-carved wooden spoons and other treenware, magic wands and other specialty wood products, 3 styles of capes, tarot card/sacred object bags and messenger bags, altar cloths, ritual shawls and stoles, drawstring pants, Wizard/Witches Robes, Traveling Cloaks and 2 styles of ceremonial vests. Specializes on creating garments for men. We also create a line of unique Celtic/Wiccan/Pagan jewelry.

zKilts offers a variety of quality utility kilts at reasonable prices.  We offer several styles, colors, lengths, and sizes!  We will also be offering many items to accessorize your kilt; including stockings, socks, fantasy knives, and other toys.


2016 Food Vendors

Chantira Thai kitchen
Chantira thai kitchen menu items include Pad thai noodles, fried rice, grilled chicken, stir fry, spring rolls, thai ice tea and more.

DanJo’s Kettle Korn
DanJo’s Kettle Korn is located in York, PA. DanJo’s offers fresh popped kettle corn and fresh squeezed lemonade! 

Funtastic Foods
We have the equipment, man-power and know-how to be a great addition to any large event. Menu items from Funnel Cake to Pit Beef. We make great tasting fresh food for all kinds of crowds.

Kitchen of India
Fresh Vegetarian and Halal meat dishes, with diverse and natural seasonings from around India. Guaranteed to make your visit to the Faerie Festival memorable. Gluten free offerings also available.

Kona-Ice of Bel Air
Kona-Ice serves delicious Hawaiian Shaved Ice with the option of adding your own flavor!

N&A Catering Co
We are a full service catering company designed to offer only the finest in ingredients and service. We specialize in serving Mediterranean, and Festival Foods.

Wayward Waffle
Wayward Waffle~Flipping your waffle world upside down. Sweet and Savory waffles with deliciously unique toppings. Let us make You happy with food!

A vital aspect of our festival is our support of faerie artists and merchants. Each year our market place is filled with items that delight, inspire and surprise faeries and friends alike.

A vital aspect of our festival is our support of faerie artists and merchants. Each year our market place is filled with items that delight, inspire and surprise faeries and friends alike.